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Service Products

SupportNET SM
The SupportNETSM programs are the main support arrangements of Sony Professional Services that provide an exhaustive and concern free service to your Sony professional hardware. You may choose the service package that better suits your hardware, budget and level of experience in your organization. With its SupportNETSM range of products that includes Extended Warranties, DepotPLUS®, OnsitePLUS Premier® and other customized solutions, Sony offers an appropriate program for each service need or technical support you may require.

    • Spare parts and labor included in the Service Agreements
    • Scheduled Maintenance
    • Technical support at the Service Center or close to your location
    • Hotline 24x7x365 through the Technical Service Network
    • On site response on the business day following the report (determined by availability in such territory and subject to the same)
    • 24 hour remote M2M (Machine to Machine) monitoring and diagnosis using the OnsitePLUS Premier® program in selected models
    • Software update for all the programs that make up SupportNETSM

DeviceMonitor SM

Multiprotocol monitoring system that continuously provides information on the status and level of use of the hardware, the conditions of the environment in which it operates and the condition of the network to which it is connected. In addition to open standards, like SNMP, http and XML currently working on new devices, DeviceMonitorSM talks to ISR, VDCP, PJCP protocols, plasma units and Sony LCDs, as well as to the hardware of other major manufacturers.

DeviceMonitorSM represents an important step forward in terms of the monitoring capacity of a stand alone application and it now includes the systematic monitoring of networking services, such as web services, e mail and databases. DeviceMonitorSM shows the status of the machines from a single site. It helps track the machine information, configure routine maintenance (such as cleaning) and scheduled maintenance (such as replacement of spare parts), set thresholds for warnings that escalate on the basis of seriousness, and analyze trends and usage while issuing scheduled reports to update decision makers.

SystemWatch SM

If you want the most of Sony M2M and you prefer Sony to be in charge of monitoring, Sony SystemWatchSM is, undoubtedly, your best option. It is the ideal solution for 24x7 operations critical to the business. From our Network Operations Center, we continuously monitor the status of the ecosystem, including the operation of critical systems, data networks, and environmental conditions that may affect performance. The SystemWatchSM service uses software to monitor devices and network connections, together with the "live" 24x7 remote management through IP networks.


We are at your side on each step; you will be directly trained

Operation Training

This training is given by Sony Engineers or Professionals Certified by Sony, so that the people in your organisation will receive useful training on how to use the product and get the most of it. The greatest benefit results when tied to practice. So, most of the course is focused on hands on training.

Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training covers the technical requirements of the product, such as how to maintain the hardware, maintenance programs, how to align and test the hardware, and any equipment necessary to maintain the same. It is given by Sony Engineers or Professionals Certified by Sony who work with the product. The course provides detailed training to your people and guarantees they may efficiently and effectively maintain the system.

Engineering Training

It is given by qualified Sony Engineers and provides useful training on product engineering. This training covers areas like theory of operations, block diagrams and signal flowcharts, in addition to Maintenance training, including diagnosis of difficulties and lab work. The level of detail ensures the organization's people will have enough knowledge to diagnose, repair and maintain the hardware.

If you need more information about any software related to our products, please click here.

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Warranty Information

The standard warranty provided by Sony depends on the category and model of the product involved. The following documents provide details about the warranty period for both spare parts and labor, as well as about the terms and conditions for the service and procedures. The services may be arranged through Sony's Authorized Service Centers in Latin America.

Standard Warranty
Standard Warranty Sony Brazil
Warranty card for spare parts
Standard Warranty for Sony Mexico

Extended Warranties

Under the Extended Warranty program, you will keep on receiving the best warranty service for your Sony products, once the standard warranty period expires. To protect your investment, you have to follow these simple steps:

1. BUY the Extended Warranty up until 30 days after purchasing your hardware

2. ENJOY the benefits of the warranty

3. REGISTER your Extended Warranty with us for two o more years

Benefits of the Extended Warranty

• Spare parts and labor due to material and manufacturing defects are covered.*
• Telephone support and technical assistance from purchase date until the end of the warranty period.

For more information about any of our service products contact;

Miami Office +1.305.260.4098

* Some restrictions are applicable. Spare parts and labor related to normal wear and tear and consumables are not covered.

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