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    Delivering workflow benefits to the world's leading broadcasters with Media Backbone Hive

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Staying ahead in today’s fast-paced media environment means getting your stories to air faster. With social media increasingly driving breaking news stories, as well as saturation network coverage, it has never been more important to stay ahead of the competition. Efficient news production requires streamlined workflows and efficient use of resources.

Media Backbone Hive is an end-to-end environment that integrates every step of the news production process, from planning, acquisition, ingest and editing to playout and archive.

Hive system allows journalists and production teams to share content and metadata in a networked, collaborative workflow, providing a measurable business benefit to broadcasters. Based around industry-standard IT components, Media Backbone Hive is flexible, scalable and cost-effective, and is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s evolving media environment.

The future of broadcast production will depend on broadcasters harnessing the potential of a streamlined networked media workflow. With Hive, you can transform the efficiency of your business and stay ahead of the competition, today and tomorrow.


As the winner of both the IABM Game Changer Award in the hotly contested Post Production category, and the prestigious Peter Wayne Award for Design & Innovation, Hive has been recognised as bringing cutting-edge solutions to the broadcast industry.

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Ideally suited for broadcast news, sports, and magazine production, Media Backbone Hive is the end-to-end production environment that integrates planning, acquisition, editing, playout, distribution and archive into a seamless file-based workflow across all platforms.

Leading-edge metadata handling and fast, creative content management make Hive the best production environment available today. And because the entire system is built on open standard software and uses off-the-shelf hardware, not only it is compatible with legacy systems and easily scalable, but it can offer cost-effective points of entry and avoid the risks associated with traditional infrastructure projects.


Staying ahead of the competition means getting content out faster, reaching across both broadcast and online media – and optimising resources across TV, web and mobile.

When timing and content are everything – and the need to drive down cost a prerequisite – a flexible, efficient workflow that increases productivity and creativity means more than streamlined production. It becomes fundamental to the success of you day-to-day operations.

Hive transforms production and enables a smooth, seamless workflow. With journalists, editors, producers, directors other content users able to originate, share and repurpose content in a truly collaborative file-based network, Hive drives creativity and reduces costs.


Built on the latest data centre class technologies, Hive offers a rich toolset, APIs, and customisation capabilities that enable flexible and powerful workflow and content management.

Hyper Convergent Nodes provide extreme resiliency and dynamic scaling (both down as well as up) of storage and processing, on-premise and/or in the Cloud. This means no more investment in under-utilised assets. With this architecture expanding involves auto distributing resources across the newly added expansion, which then unleashes more capacity, bandwidth, and processing. Even software upgrades may be applied whilst the system is live eliminating down time.

Hive makes production quicker, simpler, more creative and more cost-effective than ever before.


By seamlessly integrating critical third-party tools, delivering flexible file management and offering fast, easy to use embedded applications, Hive streamlines new producution, enabling optimised workflows.

Hive enables you to integrate and streamline the entire news production toolset. Your journalists will get intuitive web-based applications allowing them to access everything they need from a single location.

Hive has been architected from the ground up on high performance, enterprise-class datacentre technologies. You can scale down as well as up to fit business demand, enabling you to get the resources you need while better managing costs.


Media Backbone Hive has a planning function enabling tasks to be prepared in advance, segmented according to activities and assigned comprehensive and relevant metadata. These planning tasks can be linked to media (XDCAM Disk, SxS and P2 cards) to streamline and speed-up ingest, search and production. The planning functionality seamlessly integrates with Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) to further enrich the workflow and provide a significant journalistic enhancement by directly linking the media, content and placeholders to the story. The planning process and total Hive workflow can be taken to an even more sophisticated level when combined with wireless workflows and wireless enabled cameras. Assignments and stories can be automatically synchronised with the filed operations and content can be seamless linked back to base as it is captured.


  • Existing SD and HD tape
  • Live (SD and HD)
  • Disc- and card-based media
  • File-based gateway for external file contribution
  • User-generated content (UGC) handling

The move from tape to digital enabled innovative new workflows to develop –Hive extends those advantages into the field. By enabling the automatic creation of metadata, EssenceMark™ data, field logging, storyboarding, proxy EDL and more, content can be developed faster and more efficiently – and in higher quality.


  • Dedicated Ingest terminal
  • Rapid automatic ingest of proxy
  • File-based gateway for automatic external ingest from third-party applications, systems and agency feeds
  • Automatic metadata creation
  • User generated content handling

With a wide range of inputs – live event, tape-based, disc- or card-based media, or file contributions, Media Backbone Hive manages ingest from a dedicated terminal. Timed, scheduled and ad-hoc manual recordings can be managed and monitored – metadata and EssenceMark™ data can be added and annotated automatically. And because it accepts file-based content from third-party systems and agencies as well as real-time connection to regions and bureau operations, Hive makes ingest streamlined and efficient.

For breaking news or sports events, User-Generated Content (UGC) can be utilised as soon as it is received – ensuring that output to web, mobile or traditional TV is up to the second. The UGC also allows the creation of bespoke apps to enable contribution from local communities, wider audiences or even world-wide – so that breaking events are captured as they happen.


  • User-definable tools allowing comprehensive editing with voice-over and titles, or simple clip trimming and storyboarding
  • Upload directly to rundown
  • Search, browse and retrieve from the Hive system’s near line and third-party archives

Fully integrated with newsroom systems, from planning, editing, playout and archive (near-line or third-party) Hive facilitates search and browse, logging, storyboarding, and even finished editing with voice-over and effects. And because material and metadata are linked to the story as it develops and running order and status are constantly updated, everyone instantly shares the same up-to-the-second information essential in a high-pressure newsroom.


  • Fully-featured editor working in proxy or high resolution
  • Seamless integration with Hive workflow
  • SD/HD operation for news, sport and magazines
  • Share projects between journalists and editors to give a truly collaborative workflow from site or field
  • Web tools enable platform independent browse, edit, share and publish from any location.

The Hive native editor provides a comprehensive craft editing tool fully integrated to the Hive system. By handling proxy and SD, HD and 4K material on a single timeline, content is available for output at the earliest opportunity. Storyboards or projects from the newsroom Hive proxy or the web-based field tools can be crafted to a more polished finish. HTML5 apps support remote workflows whilst the integration with Adobe Premiere enables a seamless production workflow with the other Hive applications.


  • Virtual single Hive system over different sites regardless of distance
  • Full material access from field or remote
  • Efficient usage of available network bandwidth
  • Enterprise-wide collaboration

Hive allows all separate sites, regions and bureaus to operate as a single virtual system with every connected installation having simultaneous, continuous access to all content or to shared provisions in a datacentre.

Hive’s sophisticated remote connection and content management optimises resource and bandwidth requirements by only transferring full resolution content exchanged on-demand when required.


  • Dedicated playout terminal
  • Distribution list for external SDI/HD-SDI output
  • Compiling list for tape or FTP output
  • File-based gateway for external file distribution
  • Playlist and rundown control based on standard MOS protocol)
  • Multi-channel output capability from the same system to web, mobile and cloud

As it is constantly updated in real time, Hive can ensure that content is ready at the earliest opportunity. Status information is instantly relayed so everyone has the up-to-the-second information they need in a high-pressure newsroom environment. A dedicated on air panel provides precise control for manual playout – and when automatic or unattended operation is required, tight integration with third-party systems permits content to be distributed, on time, every time.


  • Drag and drop third-party archive list creation
  • Online proxy
  • Seamless metadata flow
  • Rapid search and retrieve
  • Integration with third-party products
  • Easily expanded near-line archiving for cost-efficient storage

The metadata built by Hive throughout the workflow provides a comprehensive foundation near-line archive and deep-archive cataloguing. Automatic migration of content from on-line, through near-line to deep archive can be automated, and enables a greater focus on creating rich and enhanced metadata for the long term benefit of all users. With on-line proxy and web-based proxy formats supported, cloud-based archive storage or distribution is already enabled. And as it also integrates shelf-based tape, disc-based robots and even large automated robotic archives, Media Backbone Hive gives you fast, efficient and accurate access to all available content – putting the world at your fingertips. With a single search, immediate access to proxy and automated retrieve functionality, the seamless integration enables faster workflow with a more creative final output.





As the successor to our long-running and successful Sonaps news and sport production environment, Media Backbone Hive brings over 20 years of consistent Sony innovation in networked news production, re-invented for today’s Internet-led world.

Read what our clients are saying about Sonaps to find out why Hive is a game-changer for broadcasters and content creators alike, allowing you to focus on your story when your story is all that matters.

“Sonaps allows us to stay focused on being a story-centric operation and increasing content output to our stations.”

Ivo Ferkl, CTO, Czech TV

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“The Sonaps editing tools were the most popular with the people that were going to be using it.”

Michael Dirk, N24

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“Sonaps is a system that empowers the users.”

Vicente Alcala, Telemadrid

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